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  1. dsldriver

    Autocar A64B

    Just finished this one after it sat unfinished for 12 years. Nothing special, pretty much out of the box.
  2. dsldriver

    1932 Mack AP

    Great work, Charlie!
  3. If I just concentrate on finishing a few that I've already started, that'll keep me busy all winter! Louisville Ford, Diamond Reo, Cannonball GMC, Kenworth T800H, Kenworth T600, Pete 359, the list goes on!
  4. dsldriver

    K.W. COE Hot Rod

    Very nice! Love the 16V71!
  5. Lots of goodies in those sets! I used one to make a miniature version of myself. Still needs a little more work, but everyone recognizes me right off!
  6. dsldriver

    Lumber Yard Western Star

    Very nice!
  7. dsldriver

    Rick Manz

    He's still out there. Selling truck pictures at http://www.transportationtreasures.com I still have some of his old resin cab kits, pretty primitive by today's standards.
  8. dsldriver

    Hotrod trucks sitting on a shelf...

    Now those are definitely different!
  9. dsldriver

    Mack Quarry truck

    Pretty well nailed it!
  10. dsldriver

    My 1/1 truck project

    My son came by with his rollbed and dropped off this '53 Chevy. Looks rough, but has a '77 Chevy engine in it that runs pretty good. The dump works fine. New brake system with dual master and booster. New kingpins and wheel cylinders. New door latches and strikers. Second picture is after I cleaned it up a bit.
  11. dsldriver

    My 1/1 truck project

    It has a 250 inch six banger. Not crazy about the integral intake manifold, but it runs good, so I won't mess with it.
  12. dsldriver

    1973 White Road Commander Aerodyne

    Looks great! I remember seeing stuff like that back in the '70s and '80s.
  13. dsldriver

    Peterbilt 379

    Wow, looks great to me! I didn't notice the fifth wheel until it was mentioned.
  14. dsldriver

    Building new Workshop 4 bare walls

    I have a whole bedroom dedicated to modeling in the new house, right now I'm using three work areas, jumping from a service station diorama, to my Studebaker truck build, to a '47 Chevy build.
  15. dsldriver

    Up Late Watching B-Movies

    And of course the '55 Chevy in American Graffiti that transforms in it's last scene. Also I seem to remember seeing a beat up '65 Chevy parked along the street in a movie that took place in 1962.
  16. dsldriver

    Closed Facebook Account

    Welcome to the forum!
  17. dsldriver

    Hello Everyone !

    Welcome! Can't wait to see your builds!
  18. dsldriver

    Mark Savage

    Scale Auto has the Truck Stop column in pretty much every issue now. Doc Wiseman took over the column when I started my own magazine.
  19. dsldriver

    Mark Savage

    Mark Savage of Scale Auto is a completely different person than the truck modeler.
  20. dsldriver

    Mark Savage

    Mark sent out one issue and as far as I know that was it.
  21. This started out with the AITM Corbitt kit. I used a shortened Louisville Short Hauler chassis. The engine will be an approximate replica of a Continental 22R gas engine that was used in most of these trucks. I cut the hood open and stretched the cab for the sleeper. The gas tanks are made from PVC plastic pipe with styrene ends.
  22. dsldriver


    Great article about rivet detail in the new issue of Classic Truck Modeler magazine!
  23. dsldriver

    1948 Corbitt 25TG sleepercab.

    Exterior of the truck is finished. Still working on the engine bay and engine details.
  24. dsldriver

    1950 Ford F-8 Big Job

    Looks great! Especially the cab with the door signs. My Dad had a similar truck about 30 years ago. It had a flathead Lincoln V-8 in it.
  25. dsldriver

    Poor old AutoCar

    I love it! I've seen so many in a similar condition, it's nice to see a model.