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  1. K100

    My Revell USA Peterbilt 359

    Very nice job and color combo. Will you be adding a livestock trailer to it?
  2. K100

    1944 Diamond T 6x6

    In between my 1:25 scale projects, I started this 1:14 Tamiya RC truck. I’ve been painstaking wiring each light. The lights I acquired form Evans design they have amazing LEDS of every size. The trailer lights and related attachment points had to be customized as the kit does not allow for side markers, only rear tail lights and turn signals. I also upgraded the tractor roof lights from 5 to 7 along with required bondo work on roof and rear of sleeper. The air intakes are custom aluminum which I drilled out to receive 7 lights each. That was one of the most difficult parts. I would have loved to have added reds as well but there simply was not enough room. The front bumper came with a pre wired circuit board, which I quickly figured out how to short circuit. So I had to Individually solder and wire each of those separately as well. I’ll have 6 blue LEDs under the sleeper. I’m 90% done and can post additional photos later if you like. The cab in this photo is just resting on the frame, not properly installed and today I will be adding 6 custom red lights to the back of the sleeper. Ideally, I’d love to find someone who can 3D print a thermo king reefer in 1:14 scale, so if anyone knows someone let me know. Thank you.
  3. K100

    1944 Diamond T 6x6

    Very cool! So many talented people on here.
  4. I just acquired this model last week from eBay. This was the first truck model I built back in the late 70’s.
  5. K100

    My grandfathers 1950 farm truck

    Very talented! I’m so humbled looking at these builds! Some of my favorite details here are the rust spots where the door hits the body and where the driver’s arm rubbed the door. And lastly the “Made in the USA” on your period rims. 🇺🇸
  6. K100

    Frame stretch part MTB SP48

    Very nice -I’d like to do a 330wb Pete and will need to stretch it.
  7. K100

    CF Pusher Freightliner

    That is so awesome! Great detail work. So nice to know others that are a bit obsessed with this hobby. Reflection of an era when folks worked hard risking their lives to get a job done!
  8. K100


    Here are a few more pics of some of my old trucks.
  9. K100

    Truckin' Music

    Phantom 309! Bullets In a gun!
  10. K100


    Ps- I’ll try to retrieve a forward facing pic of my old trucks and post it.
  11. K100


    Thank you- I’m looking forward to it. One cool story I have is the hobby shop from my youth is still in business! The owner is 94 years old doing well. Still passionate about his shop and very knowledgeable. Walking into his store is like a time machine from 1980, everything is in the same spot, lots of RC stuff, models of every type, trains etc.
  12. K100


    Hi all! I’m new to this site but looking forward to connecting and learning new techniques. Built models 40 years ago and now looking to get back to it. Below photos are from my old collection, circa 1980’s. The double sleeper kenworth was a gift I made for my brother back in the 80’s, which he still has. I used 2 kits and welded the sleeper section together to replicate his 80 inch bunk. That model was a replica of his life size truck and I painted it with authentic kenworth paint to match his. Happy almost turkey day!
  13. K100

    Nov 2021