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  1. Hello from Central Ontario, been building models for a long time, interests are all over the board from papercraft stuff to plastic models including cars, armor, planes to miniatures and now since the passing of my father I have added tractors into the mix. First was a 359 Peterbuilt just to test the waters then a 352 Peacmaker Cabover. Also enjoy scratch building models. Way too many projects and not enough time in the day! Anyways just dropping a few words to introduce myself.
  2. Thanks a ton for the info, I'm going right now to check it out!
  3. Anyone know of a place to buy decal sheets. I picked up a 1:25 Peterbuilt 352 Peacemaker Cabover and seems the only thing missing was the decal sheet. I haven't been able to find anything but the Coca cola sheet . Any ideas or maybe even someone have a set for sale?