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  1. Wow, that is awesome............ looks every bit the exact part, I can't wait to see it installed...
  2. Did you get her home safely?
  3. I guess that's steady work...... our logging truck guys get paid by the load too, hence, that's why they crash with catastrophic results sometimes.... have a safe trip and send some pics of your journey, would be interesting for some of us who live 'up North'... safe travels.. Jeff
  4. That's really cool, hauling beach sand, that sounds like an easy life...... and only 200xxx miles... it's still new ! Great buy !
  5. JPR

    A few Dogs with loads

    HA ! Oh yeah, never thought of that ! very cool photos, just love that stuff....
  6. Beautifully detailed, the engine looks real !! What did you use for the winch line? Love the engine work, and the hood latch !
  7. JPR

    1948 Sterling HC 175

    This is so cool!
  8. JPR

    1948 Sterling Dump

    What a beauty, just make sure the guy loading doesn't hit and bust the side boards ! Absolutely top drawer !
  9. JPR

    Recent builds

    Very clean precise builds..... excellent..
  10. JPR

    A few Dogs with loads

    VERY Cool photos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the B 61, and that shovel, what a HUGE load for the day, with no Jakes, air brakes, or turbo's................. that is very cool !
  11. JPR

    Revell Peterbilt 359 Farm Truck

    I can't add anything new, I really enjoyed the pics, she does look the part, I really think the missing paint on the hood is a nice touch.... great build ..
  12. a bit light on the back end, but the 12,000 f/a seems pretty much the going rate, BUT not for the loads this was intended to haul I would say....., still tho, if the frame was not beefed up, this would be the result anyway.... just a good thing it didn't happen going down a hill or on a freeway
  13. JPR

    Fuel Stickers

    Oh , man those are cool... thanks for sharing...