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  1. NAVY


    Scenes Unlimited is my new go to for wheels and tires. Great products, great shipping, you won't be sorry. I miss Double Take Replicas- but these are as good. Keep on Trucking!
  2. NAVY

    Current trailer build-WIP

    Sweet spread axle! I had finshed mine some time ago...ment to post, hopefully this weekend. Keep up the good work !
  3. Same thing here guys. Lee has always been quick to answer emails, but I have not gotten an answer to the last two sent recently. Hope all is well. His column in Wheels of Time, the publication of the American Truck Historical Society is still running.
  4. NAVY

    New Forum

    Thanks much !
  5. Sweet trick. I love that old school freight shaker look. The conv from the seventies along with the Peterbilts where some of the best looking trucks every made. I will give this a go. Thanks for the post.
  6. I use thinned testors engine red over brown in my IH models. I little expermentation and its ok. I am colorblind to an extent so I might be a little off lol.
  7. NAVY

    1948 Sterling HC 175

    Superb work! The hinges are my favorite. Fine workmanship, always looking to emulate craftmanship such as yours.
  8. NAVY

    1/6 roadway scratch built Mack r series

    Krazy build ! I love the effort ! No one is doing this kind of thing that I know of, this scale is cool. No mistaking this for a classic Roadway R model Mack. Love the wheels. Cant wait to see whats next. Keep up the good work !
  9. NAVY

    Model magazines

    Thanks much for the link ! Just what we needed.
  10. NAVY

    Reo Gold Comet

  11. NAVY

    Model magazines

    Wow, nice find! Clint Freeman did have some really nice castings. It would be great if those articles could be uploaded for us to read.
  12. NAVY

    IH CO 4070B Johnson

    Really nice! You know those older egg crate IH COE cabs were steel and nearly bullit proof. Even as a plain jane company truck they still looked good! Very good model and homage to the Johnson line.
  13. NAVY

    1/6 metal k-100 scratch build.

    Surreal. Arnold makes it legite ! 1/6 scale, wow, awesome build. I can see you got all the elements of the real truck in there and then some. Whats next ?
  14. Rebuilding this IH dump I've had on the self for the last 40 years - I know, hard to believe that Ertl kit dates back to the mid 1970's. The first couple of pics is the original build with the dump bed removed, I did weather it some back then and that will remain. The new winch deck and everything thing else will be weathered slightly as this represents a working truck. I mean it is and IH after all ! The dual winches come from the discontinued Revell drop deck trailer #07533. Everything else is scratchbuilt. The cab/hood will be removed, reworked and repainted white with the lower half the same yellow to match the deck. The hydraulic oil tank caps both come off and are accessed by a hatch in the deck. I made all the hyd fittings and lines both soft and hard. Used a schematic found online for proper routing. More to follow when finished. Keep on truckin America !!
  15. Looks like the real thing, excellent build. Really like those drive tires, I believe those are from KJ also, sadly DT Replicas isnt casting anymore. He had some of the finest castings and great service ! KJ if your reading you still have a following, hope all is well with you and your family my friend. Great KWopper DRIPTROIT !