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  1. Finally something new from the Kats at ATM. With all the reissued trucks from the seventies right now there will be plenty of frames to haul this body around with. Really like the new wheels which have for soo long be missing on the older kits. Good job ATM and thanks.
  2. NAVY

    acid tanker

    Good work! Having pulled tankers, all types for round 13 years yours is not so uncommon. Tanks that size would have organic peroxide or hydrogen peroxide or even sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) placard 1824. Now caustic is heavy, almost 3x that of water so in a regular tank you could only fill it about 2/3 full, that leaves a lot of slosh room in a smooth bore tank. One must bee smoooth on the braking and shifting overall it all that goo comes forward quick and hard. Soo back to the small bore tank, you could fill it full and alleviate the slosh to a degree. Peroxide tanks in paper mills and what not are not that large so a small bore tank would be a full load for some of those applications. Keep on trucking gang !
  3. All well worth the extra effort ! A beatiful build on its own. I am currently building a turbo charged DD Silver 92 from 1979 . I will post pics when done, Those engines came in white, black or silver. I have done one in silver previously, maybe black for this one? The exhaust has orange flames I am trying to replicate. The Cats c olors are spot on. Love the valve covers.
  4. Got my issue Saturday. Thanks Lee ! looks good, Merry Christmas and to everyone I wish a better new year !
  5. NAVY

    Ford Snow plow truck

    Swweet ! i was looking for those. I know the re-issue is out-but nice to see the old school instructions. If i remember correctly they were in a neat booklet and very detailed. I hope AMT has kept them close to original. Really want AMT to reissue the original brown and white "international truck show" Peterbilt 359 with the sleeper. It was so much better then the california hauler in terms of detail and buildability, but after all these years the molds might me lost of damaged. Keep on truckin !
  6. Hmm haven't received it yet, perhaps he is sending them out in waves ?
  7. GOOD NEWS ! thanks for the update, been looking forward to the arrival of what has to be one of the last premier model magazines. There are not too many left. Keep on Truckin America !
  8. I would check the width of the front axle vs the Sterlings fenders. You might have to narrow (or add to) the axle to get the proper distance. Make sure you cement the cab, fenders, and other resin with a good 5 minute epoxy to the styrene frame. I have been using a JB weld product with very good success. Super glue although good for small resin pcs is not to good for the heavier resin castings like tanks, tool boxes, wheels and cabs. Please post the picks ! That Sterling is a great looking truck.
  9. NAVY


    Casey, good morning. I too sent a message from the contact us button a few days ago. Can you update me on order #623 please. Thanks much, Keep on Truckin !
  10. It has been almost a full year and still no issues or public notice as to what's going on. I am sure if we knew he needed help we would all do what we could. His magazine and effort towards the hobby is a worthy contribution. Hope all is well Lee ! keep on trucking !
  11. NAVY

    Need a hood

    Try e-bay as you never know what you will find. I have had good luck finding that odd part now and then. Good luck !
  12. NAVY

    Pierce Enforcer

    Gorgeous work ! what is the base kit that you used, and where can I get some emergency lights/beacons for 1/25th scale. Thanks in advance for your reply. Keep up the good work!
  13. NAVY


    Scenes Unlimited is my new go to for wheels and tires. Great products, great shipping, you won't be sorry. I miss Double Take Replicas- but these are as good. Keep on Trucking!
  14. NAVY

    Current trailer build-WIP

    Sweet spread axle! I had finshed mine some time ago...ment to post, hopefully this weekend. Keep up the good work !
  15. Same thing here guys. Lee has always been quick to answer emails, but I have not gotten an answer to the last two sent recently. Hope all is well. His column in Wheels of Time, the publication of the American Truck Historical Society is still running.