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    My next build

    So, My next build will be the Revell Peterbilt 359 Kit. I'll be stretching the frame considerably as I'm using 2 Kits - to make 1 Tractor, adding polished aluminum 8" stacks, better rubber (using the Italeri 22.00 x 11.5 tires), adding a set of Fuel Tanks so I'll have 4 fuel tanks as opposed to just 2, Air & Electrical lines, some deck plates, a set of 1950's / 60's Bullet Style Head Lights, a Vortex Air Cleaner, Custom Front & Rear Fenders, Rear Bumper with 6 Tail Lights, Custom Texas Front Bumper & the over all color will be Rustoleum Key Lime. Pics will be posted!
  2. Rob Berreth

    Banister Pipeline IHC 4300

    Well... She's finally done & on the road, ready to haul some oil pipe!
  3. This is my Mad Max The Road Warrior: Aussie Mack R600
  4. Rob Berreth

    Kenworth W900 Heavy Haul

    This is my 1977 Kenworth W900 Heavy Haul. I used the AMT Kenworth Alaskan Hauler kit - as the base Tractor. I lengthened the kit frame from 12.25 inches - to 14.25 inches The Rims & Tires are from an AMT Autocar Dump Truck kit The background pic is one of the Refineries located in Fort Mc Murray, Alberta. The Road diorama is Highway 63 - northern Alberta.
  5. Rob Berreth

    Peterbilt 359

    The Pete 359 is finally done!
  6. She's done & ready to haul some freight!!!
  7. Rob Berreth

    My Autocar A64B

    My Rig's a little old, but that don't mean she's slow there's a flame from the stack and that smoke's as black as coal!
  8. Thanks Guys! I'm happy with the way she turned out
  9. Rob Berreth

    Peterbilt 359

    Hi Johnny. I got the glad hands off ebay. They actually hook up to the fittings on the trailer, just like the real ones do.
  10. Rob Berreth

    Banister Pipeline IHC 4300

    Thanks Bro. I'm happy with the way she turned out
  11. Rob Berreth

    Peterbilt 359

    Thanks Bro! She turned out awesome.
  12. This is the IHC 4300 Oilfield truck - I'm working on. The door decals are an actual trucking company located in Nisku, Alberta: Banister Pipelines. I'm going with 6 - spoke wide flotation wheels & tires on the front.
  13. Rob Berreth

    Revell Pete 359 project - so far

    Thanks Johnny. I used 24 gauge wire. I'm still waiting for the glad hands to show up.
  14. "Big Kat Shipping" decals in place Scratch built Cab Protector Air & Electrical lines in place Just waiting on the fuel tanks, vortex air cleaner & glad hands to show up
  15. Rob Berreth

    Revell Peterbilt 359 Build

    I just finished working on the Peterbilt 359 frame. I lengthened it to 13 inches
  16. Rob Berreth

    Revell Peterbilt 359 Build

    Thanks. I'm not really a fan of chrome wheels, or the rectangular headlights. I'm going for the old school retro look.
  17. Rob Berreth

    Pete 359 build

    More progress on the Revell Pete 359
  18. Rob Berreth

    Revell Peterbilt 359 Build

    More progress on the Pete 359 I added the grill guard to make it look more retro
  19. Rob Berreth

    Revell Peterbilt 359 Build

    Thanks Johnny. It's been a fun project. Rob
  20. Rob Berreth

    Kenworth W900 Heavy Haul

    Thanks. It was a bugger to modify but it worked out good.
  21. Rob Berreth

    Revell Peterbilt 359 Build

    This is the Revell Peterbilt 359 that I'm currently building. These pics are mock ups: 2 - Hole Bud Rims (to axles) Hood, Cab, Sleeper (to frame) The frame will be lengthened to 13 inches (1:25 scale) (27.08 feet in 1:1 scale) The paint scheme is Tamiya Matte Black I will be adding 2 - 150 gallon fuel tanks & a Vortex V2 Air Cleaner
  22. Rob Berreth

    Mad Max The Road Warrior: Mack R600

    Thanks. It turned pretty good
  23. Rob Berreth


    Hi. I'm Rob from Red Deer, Alberta (Canada). I just got back into building Trucks recently & I hope to post pics of my Builds in the near future.