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  1. A64B: Thank you for your reply. Actually, I have already purchased the Autocar tandem tractor. Would this be any different in terms of undercarriage from your dump truck reference? Everything around our house gets fouled up November through end-of-year. I'll be lucky to get started on much until January, but that gives me time to squeeze in stocking up on parts, etc.
  2. Beautiful photographs. Thank you. Really pulls at me to re-create such a system in the model. Not sure if I'm up to it.......will have to experiment. The motorcycle parts links are appreciated.....I might have to look into one to give it a try. Wonder if anyone else has ever done it?
  3. Well, dog-gone!! I knew earlier Sterlings were chain drive but it never occurred to me the one I got from AIT fell into that category. Now I have no idea what chassis to buy or what parts to chase to replicate the chain drive!! For most vehicle models I've ever built, I always liked those where the wheels would turn. I was expecting to achieve that here as well, but a chain drive mechanism is a real challenge. Anyone have thoughts as how to proceed? Anyone done an, "active," chain drive chassis?????
  4. Received the Sterling conversion kit from AIMT. REALLY looks good. Expensive, but I am glad I got it. I think I'll take advice here and look for an AMT Reo or Autocar for it's chassis. Not sure how, "drop in," it will end up being; I'm sure some fitting will be required. Likely will get the Autocar. Thank you all for the help.
  5. Thank you. I ordered AIT's Sterling kit. I've always liked early Sterlings since I was a kid and saw them on the road. Not cheap, but...... Now I need to research what base kit/chassis to buy to build the conversion on. All AIT's kits/parts appear to be 1:25, which is what I've settled on. Back to more shopping/homework.....
  6. Not much luck doing search. What I'd really like is a 1950's era log truck in 1:20 scale to use with that scale model logging railroad. Don't think I'll find that. On a gamble today, I picked up the AMT 1103 Peerless logging trailer in 1:25, new, $29. Could be OK in that scale, but am having trouble finding a suitable 1950's vintage truck to hook it up to that would match scale. AMT has a couple, but later years.......might have to adapt/bash???? Any tips/thoughts would be appreciated. Not much out there in older conventionals that I can find. Thanks, Dennis