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    Stevens International reissue of the AMT kit. It was updated to 1982 spec by removing the "Gear and Lightning Bolt" medallion, widening the fender lips, and moving the door lock cylinders. The Cummins 6BT, Allison 6 speed auto, and air to air intercooler are from Iceman Collections , and the sleeper came from Too Many Projects . Wheels and tires are Moebius and the rear air suspension uses modified GMC General doodads. Paint is Colorshot Kale. It was supposed to be a matte finish but it came out a bit glossier that I would have preferred.
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    Atlantis Toy and Hobby kit built out of the box and heavily weathered. Since the last one I built had the roof, windshield, lights, and tall stakes, I chose to do the open cab version this time.