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Found 1 result

  1. Hi folks, I'm about to start the final stages of the Brass built Duel Truck, big parts are soldered, smaller stuff has had to be secured with epoxy resin glue.. Can anyone advise on suitable paints or maybe chemicals to give the truck it's totally neglected and hence menacing look.please?? F'rinstance, is there a suitable primer or etch for brass? I've seen a brand of model paint called Vallejo, which appears to be water soluble, so I'm not keen on that idea, Revell paints being oil based enamels would be good I s'pose, again there is the question of primer. Having looked briefly at the Gallery, I'm a bit reluctant o show my efforts, but maybe I'll risk the criticism!🤓 Anyway, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged, kind regards all Dave