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  1. techman

    Class 325 Version 2 is complete

    😎😎😎 Didn't realize that this was a "replica build"...â€Ļ WOW!!!! With all the effort, SURE HOPE that it gets there safe!!! DJ
  2. techman

    Mack B83SX & Lowboy

    😎😎😎 Remember seeing this on the "other forum". Is one spectacular job!!!! DJ
  3. techman

    CF set up

    😎😎😎 again!!!! DJ
  4. techman

    Pete 352 and lowboy

    😎😎😎 That is super-good-lookin'!!!!! What colors are those on the cab??? DJ
  5. techman

    1958 Dodge COE Potato Truck

    😎😎😎 OUTSTANDING!!!!! Love the different little details (like the busted windshield!!!!) DJ
  6. techman

    Chevrolet Titan

    😎😎😎 Super sharp pair of Bow-Ties !!!! Give a holler, can probably bail ya out on the decals...â€Ļ.. DJ
  7. techman

    1978 Mack U-Model "Overnight"

    😎😎😎 Great to see this, beautiful build!!! DJ
  8. techman

    Autocar logger

    😎😎😎 Super job on the logger & trailer!!!! What did you use for the hinge-pins on the bunks???? DJ
  9. techman


    😎😎😎 Awesome group of trucks, Particularly the Hurst version (been an old racer all my life) DJ
  10. techman

    Another New Member

    😄😄😄 howdy to everyone from Texas.... See some familiar names here. Got back into model building about 15 years ago, now retired, should have more time but got more "honey-do's" instead ☚ī¸đŸ˜ĸ😉 Haven't been posting as the fotobucket account got all fouled up and haven't come up with a replacement yet..... DJ