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  1. redneckrigger

    Pete 352 and lowboy

    Very nice work!
  2. redneckrigger

    1958 Dodge COE Potato Truck

    THAT is very cool! Good old farm truck!
  3. redneckrigger

    Hello everyone, new kid on the block here

    Glad to be here!
  4. redneckrigger

    Mack B83SX & Lowboy

    I found a model railroad, (G scale), decal sheet on eBay.
  5. redneckrigger

    Mack B83SX & Lowboy

    Here is one I just finished.......a resin B83SX from Jim Etter way back when he ran MTFA, on an ERTL DM800 frame with the V8 engine. Opened the hood, replaced the fenders with the DM800 fenders, lots of little details. Old Mark Savage tires on Moluminum wheels, a Moluminum winch, and lots of parts box stuff. The lowboy started as a Double Take Replicas kit, that supplied the main beams and wheels. All else is scratchbuilt from Evergreen and Plastruct plastic. The suspension is from Moluminum. Everything on the lowboy works in scale.
  6. redneckrigger

    New Member from VT

    New to this forum...............from Vermont, been building for years, mostly trucks and equipment. Hope to show a few of my builds, and enjoy everyone else's!