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  1. Hi there guyes sorry I missed this when  joind My name is Glenn Kraus  I’m from Colorado I have been out of modeling for some time wife is gone now time to get back into a hobby to keep me out of trouble I havant built a truck of the larger scale built the last one was the moving on and it was very detailed but that was some time ago I’m looking for a 124-125 scale Rotator towtruck kit havant found it yet in hopes some one can help me so looking forward to getting back in the grove the detail work u guys do is amazing glad to see your work thank u for being here

    1. Casey


      You must be looking for the Revell  “Can Do” or “Will Do” wrecker.  They are out of production and if you can find one for sale on EBay or in one of the FaceBook groups, they are fairly expensive  




  2. Glenn

    Single Hump Fender

    Those look really good Casey wow
  3. Glenn

    1948 Corbitt 25TG sleepercab.

    Looks really good
  4. Glenn

    1950 Ford F-8 Big Job

    Those flathead Lincoln were a popular swap back in the day were pretty easy to come by and ran really good
  5. Glenn

    Full Fenders

    Good job Casey lol really good
  6. Thank u CaseyI seen a picture of a Rotator wrecker on here but couldn’t get back to it have u seen it I thought it said something about u but I just seen it and it went away I’m trying to find out where to get a kit for one in 124-125scale
  7. I still cannot view the pictures on this Wrecker it showed the number of photos but won’t open is it just me or have they been taken off thank u
  8. This is what I’m looking for to build have been out of building for some time but have the time now wife is gone so why not but looking for a 124th or 125 scale but havant been able to find