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  1. Very nice! I know how much work scratch building can involve. Looks like it came out of a box, well done!
  2. Jetdriver69

    Mack Garbage truck project

    I rode on the back of a garbage truck for our local organized crime figure during the summer when I was 15 and 16. Man was that some hard ass work, but the dregs that I worked with could always be talked into buying beer for a teenager. One was based on a Mercedes Benz and the other a big Mack of some sort. What did I know, I was a kid. But I remember the sickening smell of sour milk and crappy diapers. Oh yeah, manual labor!
  3. Jetdriver69

    1913 Model T van

    Thanks! Fills the void of what do you give someone who can literally buy anything for themselves?
  4. Jetdriver69

    1913 Model T van

    Just finished this as a birthday gift for the vineyard/winery owner. 1/18 scale Entex kit off of eBay with scratch built trailer. Decals are custom on Testors paper. Case by Specialty Plastics. Painted to match the colors off the wine bottle label on the barrel. Just a few non kit touches. Substituted a wooden door step and added a wood platform and scratch wine cases on the roof.
  5. Jetdriver69

    Peterbilt 378-119

    Nice work! Did you use Alclad for the chrome pieces?
  6. Very nice! Excellent paint and details. Personal project or a commission piece?
  7. Jetdriver69

    1925 Model T truck

    Thanks! Pretty much everything was leftovers from my two previous truck hot rods. Extra engine, radiator, tires, paint, sheet plastic. Just had to buy the display case and invest the hours. The barrel took some time but a fun build.
  8. Jetdriver69

    1925 Model T truck

    Just finished a scratch built 1925 Model T honey barrel hauler for a friend of mine who has a honey business. Not really an accurate scale depiction but probably around 1/15 to 1/18 scale. It is quite large at 13 inches long. Anyway I modeled the lines after the rat rod below using sheet styrene for the cab, a left over Peterbilt 378 frame, wheels, radiator, engine and part of the frame from a 1/18 scale Muscle machine die cast car and the barrel from the Barrel of Monkeys kids game. I added thin basswood to the barrel to make it look more authentic and poly'ed it 4 coats. The decals are printed on Testor's clear decal paper. The paint/clear was wet sanded down to 12000 grit and polished out.
  9. Jetdriver69

    1929 C Cab hot rod

    Finally finished the pretty much scratch built C Cab hot rod for a rabid Chiefs fan friend of mine. The cab is all sheet styrene with the frame from a left over Pete 378 parts box and the rest from a 1/18 scale Muscle machine die cast toy car. The seat was craved balsa with plastic half rod inserts heavily poly'ed and shot with gloss black. The headers are bent aluminum tube and the fuel tank is 2 Pete 378 air cleaners cut and spliced together. The decals are custom printed off Testor's paper and the large Chiefs decal is a car window sticker. It is pretty big at almost 14 inches with a scale of about 1/15 or so. Not super accurate to any particular scale as I modeled if off the football helmet and ball on the roof and the Lombardi trophy near the front tires. It is so much easier to scratch build a unique truck then trying to replicate a real semi down to the proper hose placement on the engine. The acrylic case is from Cases for Collectibles. A bit pricey, but they can make any size width or height.
  10. Jetdriver69

    C Cab panel truck hot rod

    In progress with a 1929 C Cab panel truck. Highly modified from the original and in about 1/15 scale so it is quite large. About the only thing that came from a kit was some left over Pete 378 frame from the Revell kit. The rest was scratch built using sheet styrene and parts off a Muscle Machine 1/18 scale die cast car. Decals are custom printed on Testors paper with the white parts left in white gloss primer to let the brightness pop through the decals. I will post some more once I get the engine, fuel tank and radiator installed.
  11. Jetdriver69

    K.W. COE Hot Rod

    Must have one big case as that bad boy is long... Nicely done!
  12. Jetdriver69

    Volvo N10

    Nice weathering. Have you built armor before? Just the right amount of rust and wear is an art form.
  13. Jetdriver69

    C cab hot rod

    Started this 1/18 scale 1929 C cab panel truck hot rod a few weeks ago. It will be over 13 inches long when finished and painted in KC Chiefs colors. Use the left over frame from a Peterbilt 378 kit and the rear end section of a 1/18 scale Muscle Machine coupe die cast toy. Also using the Hemi engine, rear and front clip and tires from the Muscle Machine coupe. Eventually I will bend aluminum tube headers for the engine, build a front glass frame and install the roof. The body is completely scratch using sheet styrene and the bench seat is craved from balsa with plastic half round inserts to simulate a tuck and roll. I will coat the balsa with many coats of gloss poly before shooting it gloss black. Anyway, will post more as I work on it.
  14. Jetdriver69

    1966 Ford F100

    Very cool, a great start for your project.
  15. Jetdriver69

    Pete 378 based hot rod

    Im in the middle of a 1920's C Cab panel truck that is almost all custom. Just using part of the frame from the 378 Pete and some chrome parts from another 1/18 scale Muscle Machine die cast toy. Although not a big rig, would it be kosher to post in progress pictures?