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  1. OldTrucker

    My kenworth w900 and reefer trailer

    Wow! What a show rig! See a few every now and then rolling down the interstate near my home!
  2. OldTrucker

    AMT Autocar A64B

    Nice looking workhorse of a truck!
  3. OldTrucker

    1980 LNT 9000

    Great looking build!
  4. OldTrucker

    Freightliner COE Dual Drive

    Nice job on a kind of difficult kit cab wise. Love those old cabovers!
  5. OldTrucker

    Revel Kenworth K100

    Takes me back to the days of the independent Truck Driver when you could get your truck painted by the dealer almost any color you wanted! Love the color!
  6. OldTrucker

    1932 Mack AP

    Now that is one sweet piece of trucking history! Great job!
  7. OldTrucker

    66 Dodge LNT 1000 Wrecker

    That is a beauty!
  8. OldTrucker

    1950 Ford F-8 Big Job

    Just TOO COOL for words!
  9. OldTrucker

    1960 GMC Cracker Box

    and complete with a screaming Detroit! Nice looking truck!
  10. OldTrucker

    How to: Refer Unit

    Anything available with measurements and materials such as the decals available on this?
  11. OldTrucker

    1935 MACK CH Heating Oil Delivery Truck

    Never seen this truck before. Cool build!
  12. OldTrucker

    Dodge Tater Hauler

    Now that is one sweet truck. Brings back memories of the old trucks on the farms I worked as a kid in the 1960's!
  13. OldTrucker

    C-F Freightliner COE

    Great job!!! That's one I need to build again! Now id only they would release another round of the double trailer kit!!!
  14. OldTrucker

    1948 Corbitt 25TG sleepercab.

    Very interesting subject! I'll be following this one!
  15. OldTrucker

    1933 MACK AC Dump truck

    I like it! Those old Bull Dogs are awesome trucks! I like the general theme of the build and the weathering looks the part! Like your idea for the load too!
  16. OldTrucker

    AMT Chassis Question

    Thanks PT! That is what I was looking for!
  17. Anyone know if the chassis is the same in the Road Boss and Pete Wrecker kits? Looking to put the wrecker bed on the Road Boss.
  18. OldTrucker

    Mack Cruiseliner

    The 2 hole Budd wheels and road grime makes the truck! Looks like she has been out for a while! Great build!
  19. OldTrucker

    FORD LN 9000

    Nice build! Always liked the look of the Ford semi tractors especially this model! Like the use of the budd wheels. Gives it that no frills workhorse feel!
  20. Built out of box except for shortening the frame.
  21. OldTrucker

    Transtar II day cab

    Mobile home hauler was the first thing I thought of with the severely bobbed off frame! I did a day cab of this model back in the late 70's. Unfortunately my wife's brothers got into out stuff stored in their garage and trashed a lot of built kits. Hope they can see their way to repop this kit someday soon!
  22. OldTrucker

    GMC 9500 Tractor

    There was a local furniture factory here that used those trucks as company trucks hauling lowboy furniture trailers. A local trucking firm had the long hood version of those powered by 671 Detroits. We had several cabs with frames and engines on the sod farm that the owner had bought for the Detroits for use on his irrigation pumps. Rebuilt 3 of them while I was a driver / mechanic there.
  23. OldTrucker

    1955 IH RDTC Highbinder

    First saw this build over at MCM but could not comment on it because while they allowed me to join I still cannot post. (OldTrucker there too) I have only seen one of these in my life time and it was in a truck bone yard when I was a kid and there wasn't much left of it then. This is a great example of how todays trucks had started to evolve! Beautiful job!
  24. OldTrucker

    Bandag K.W. K-100 12/28 up date

    Looking good so far! Looking forward to seeing more! How in the world do you guys get gold paint to lay down that nice?
  25. OldTrucker

    Cat C-15

    WOW!!! Looks ready to fire up and run! Just the right amount of road grime and wear to look like the real thing! Wish that is what powered the trucks I drove!