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  1. 41CHEVY

    Mashpee 354 is finished.

    I took the AFV Club 1/35 M35 Vietnam gun truck and scaled it up to 1/25 and scratch built it. The chassis, wheels and suspension are kit bashed from a pair of Italeri 1/24 Opel Blitz. Cab roof and windshield are from an old Monogram hot rod kit, air cleaner cover is actually a Tuxedo shirt cuff stud. There is a few kits on here I've scaled up from 1/35 , one is an AM General M917 dump truck I scaled up from the Trumpeter U.S. Army Container semi truck kit.
  2. 41CHEVY

    Quarantine Builds

    I got a Gershaw scrap metal unit done. 6V71, shortened cab and chassis, home brew decals. No illusion, Gershaw runs smaller 20" rims on the front on al of their trucks. Easier to turn in their shredder yard. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Cat/Mitsubishi service van.
  3. 41CHEVY

    Mashpee 354 is finished.

    Yes we need a ton of overhead protection! Here is our Shoreham rig I started a few years ago. I scaled up a 1/35 GMC to scratch build it in1/25. Still doing the tank, pumps, hose reels and froward below bumper spray units. Now the Long Island built Fire-Matic factory built units are replacing the ex mil units here
  4. 41CHEVY

    Mashpee 354 is finished.

    Beautiful work! Those Cape Cod units are sure built a tad heavier than our L.I. Pine Barren units are. Paul
  5. Started with a scratch built RS Mack that needed to be more than a power unit. Stretched it about an 1 1/2". Started to build up the body from a Leech unit in the yard where my Marmon is parked right now. Also on a whim stuck it on a Mack LMSW that is slated to be a Maine Logger unit. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  6. 41CHEVY

    Model magazines

    Here is the link to my Fotki with every truck detailing article. A few maybe out of order. Paul https://public.fotki.com/ptcheshire/truck-detailing/
  7. 41CHEVY

    Dragon Tiger I Wittmans last Tiger

    Very nice build. Did the kit come with the zimmerit or did you add it? The Frui tracks make a big difference on all armor especially T34's IMO. Making up a set for a 251 UHU conversion on the bench. Paul
  8. 41CHEVY

    Hello from across the pond

    Welcome!! Don't F.B. either so can't wait to see you post some here! Paul
  9. 41CHEVY

    1/16 scale Peterbilt 359.

    The interior work and screening on the steps are excellent. Color it is painted works very well the the chrome items. It will be an impressive rig when done! Is the Blue a Humbrol paint? Is it enamel, lacquer or acrylic? Paul
  10. 41CHEVY

    Hi, newbie from UK !

    Welcome to our group!! Paul
  11. Made the hood fold, added tool boxes, modified the front bumper and full wiring and last added the missing AC compressor for the Red Dot roof AC. Paul
  12. Absolutely awesome build particularly the interior! Paul
  13. 41CHEVY


    http://www.b-n-lresins.com/shoppingopencart/Aftermarket-resin-cast-1-24-1-25-scale-model-model-Towing-Chain You can also look to the 1/35 Armor modeler sites for heavy recovery chain and cables sets, while heavy duty for the 1/35 armor are perfect for 1/25 trucks. An other thing I do is look at cheap necklaces for chains. Paul
  14. 41CHEVY

    1925 Model T truck

    Awesome build, very eye catching! Paul
  15. 41CHEVY

    AMT Freightliner COE Dual Drive

    Nice work. It look like it is going to be a good project. Paul