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  1. plastic trucker

    Straight stacks

    Revell also makes a snap kit of the 359 Pete and the W900 Kw.
  2. plastic trucker

    Finish and gloss

    I like warming my paint up in hot water before I spray.
  3. plastic trucker

    WC-52 and fire pump trailer

    You do some beautiful builds. One of these days you're going to have to do a step by step on how you do your builds. Especially the engines.
  4. Another option it to get Plastruct or Evergreen styrene channel in the with you need and make your own. They come in 14" and 2 foot lengths.
  5. Have you tried Dave at AITM (American Industrial Truck Models)? He might have them.
  6. Got mine yesterday. Like the Cornbinder issue. Thank you for not giving up on the mag.
  7. plastic trucker

    Lonestar and smoothy trailer

    I really like that color.
  8. plastic trucker

    Wal-Mart Navistar.

    Nice one.
  9. plastic trucker

    ProStar and 53’ smoothy

    Good looking truck.
  10. plastic trucker

    Mack B83SX & Lowboy

    Beautiful truck.
  11. plastic trucker


    Nice trucks. Is the red 36 inch a resin cab or did you cut it down
  12. plastic trucker

    Prostar and custom refer trailer

    Beautiful combo and colors.
  13. plastic trucker

    Pete 352 and lowboy

    Beautiful truck and trailer.
  14. plastic trucker

    Searching for C6500 resin kit

    Warped resin can be straightened out with hot water, but do not use boiling water. And it might help to have some cold water near by to shock the body to keep it in place as you try to straighten it.
  15. plastic trucker

    Searching for C6500 resin kit

    Give her some time to answer. Sometimes it takes several weeks for her to reply.