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  1. I did the same thing to a real KW W900B back in my body shop days!
  2. dsldriver

    A few thanks are in Order

    You are always welcome to advertise your stuff on my Facebook Group "Classic Truck Modeler"! Or at the Classic Truck Modeler Magazine Page!
  3. dsldriver

    Transtar II day cab

    This was a kit I got off eBay that was supposedly "slightly started". It looked like they'd used a whole tube of glue just building the chassis and engine. I ended up just cutting off the rear half of the frame and throwing it in the trash. I found a Cummins engine in the parts box, and cut the cab down to a day cab. The front axle was broken off on each side of the front springs, so I repaired it and reinforced it with a steel axle from an old AMT kit. I'm not sure what I'm going with as far as livery, but leaning toward Garrett, as I used to drive an old day cab like this that was a retired Garrett tractor. When I drove it, it had been converted to a mobile home toter. So that's another possibility.
  4. Another one of my current projects, '54 Studebaker semi tractor with a matching hog trailer. The cab is from Frontier Resins, not super accurate but it does look like a Studebaker. The frame is scratch built, engine is from the AMT '53 Studebaker. I cut off the three speed transmission and added a resin truck transmission. Rear axle is from a Revell snap Peterbilt. The wheels are resin cast by me, made up from tires from the Lindberg Dodge and wheels from a die-cast truck.
  5. Just joined up, my name is Lee Hartman. I'm writer, editor, and publisher of a new quarterly magazine called Classic Truck Modeler. The first issue has been out nearly a month, and I'm at work putting together the next issue set for April. I'm always on the lookout for outstanding and/or unique truck models to feature in the magazine, and also welcome builders that would like to write an article about a build that they have done. The magazine is taking off rather well, and the more truck modelers and great models I see every day give me confidence that the magazine is going to a worthwhile endeavor! http://classictruckmodelermag.com/
  6. dsldriver

    '54 Studebaker tractor with hog trailer.

    The trailer is from the Lindberg Dodge/'40 Ford kit. I made it up as a short single axle trailer, the cut the front of it round. I used part of a plastic drain connector for the front, and the side stakes are from the Ford C-series stake truck.
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    Snap KW W900L hood.

    It's good to see a W900L. One of my favorite trucks of all time.
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    Diamond Reo

    Looking good!
  9. dsldriver

    Lowboy Truck Frame

    Wow! Nice!
  10. dsldriver

    Transtar high cab.

    Looking good!
  11. dsldriver

    Full Fenders

    Nice looking fenders!
  12. dsldriver

    White 7400 daycab

    Lovin' it!
  13. dsldriver

    Snap KW W900L hood.

    Looks good so far. Are you going to re-do the doors on the sleeper to the newer style with the rounded corners?