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  1. dsldriver

    '48 Corbitt

    The '48 Corbitt is somewhat finished. I'm still finishing up the engine details, saving those for an article on converting an old Rolls Royce engine into a Continental gas truck engine. The deals came from the Revell '37 Ford panel truck kit, plus some from the big decal box. Wheels and tires came from Jamie at Mo'Luminum. Headlight buckets are from a Lindberg '32 Ford pickup, with lenses made from western shirt buttons. The yellow is from an old Walmart spray can. Believe it or not, everything else is brush painted. The black is Testor's Acryl, the rest is all done with craft paint.
  2. dsldriver

    C-F Freightliner COE

    This was built from the AMT Freightliner SD kit. Everything was de-chromed and painted appropriate colors. The aluminum wheels on the front probably aren't correct, but C-F was known to do a lot of wierd things over the years. Again headlights stolen from an old western shirt. I get those shirts for a couple of bucks at the second hand store, each one has enough headlights for about 6 trucks. Tail lights are rhinestones from the craft store. Pictures were taken by the staff photographer at the GSL. My favorite truck build so far.
  3. dsldriver

    1966 Dodge LNT 1000 Wrecker

    I love this build!
  4. dsldriver

    1963 Ford F750 Pickup

    I always look forward to your builds! Love the dangling headlight wires!
  5. dsldriver

    1948 Corbitt 25TG sleepercab.

    Still working on the engine for this one. I removed the funky looking transmission and added one from the Lindberg Dodge L-700. Painted the engine the Continental colors.
  6. dsldriver

    1939 Internation U.S.N. Fire Truck

    Paul, I'd like to feature this truck in the next issue of Classic Truck Modeler. We will be featuring fire trucks for that issue. Would that be okay with you? Even better if you would like to write up a bit of an article about it. You can e-mail me at editor@classictruckmodelermag.com.
  7. dsldriver

    1939 Internation U.S.N. Fire Truck

    Ron Andrews at RMR has taken possession of all the R&R molds. He is currently working his way through them and getting them ready to add to his catalog.
  8. dsldriver

    1980 LNT 9000

    Nice job on the engine detail!
  9. dsldriver

    1980 LNT 9000

    Nicely done! The CAT fits great, after a bunch of tweaking I'll bet!
  10. This was built from the kit from AITM.
  11. dsldriver

    1948 Corbitt 25TG sleepercab.

    Got it painted, the yellow is from a 15 year old can of Walmart Sun Yellow.
  12. dsldriver

    1948 Corbitt 25TG sleepercab.

    The engine siting in there is from the Monogram 1931 Rolls Royce kit. My mission is to make it look like a Continental 22R truck engine. Since that picture, I switched the intake manifold to the right side along with the updraft carburetor. I'll have to scratch build a couple items, but the engines look amazingly similar.
  13. dsldriver

    Just joined

    Great project! Looks like you're off to a good start. Gary Wallace has C&C frame rails in any length you want, no need to splice. (GWTrucks@yahoo.com)
  14. dsldriver

    Mack Cruiseliner

    Nice job! Love the weathering!
  15. dsldriver

    Dodge Tater Hauler

    Great build! Love the potatoes and the broken windshield!
  16. dsldriver

    1969 Diamond Reo Dump Truck

    Wow! That looks great!
  17. dsldriver

    Diamond Reo dump truck

    Several of my friends started working on Diamond Reos, so I started this project a little earlier than I'd planned to. I started out by shortening the kit hood, then I moved the cab mounts forward the same distance. So far it seems to be working out...
  18. dsldriver

    Built from the snap kit, W-900

    I had those wheels kicking around so long I have no idea where they came from. Maybe AITM?
  19. One of those projects I started, got stalled, then finally pulled it out and finished it a couple years ago. I cut the sleeper down and added resin wheels and tires. The headlights are old buttons from a western shirt.
  20. dsldriver

    Diamond Reo dump truck

    Some more pictures showing some progress.
  21. dsldriver

    Built from the snap kit, W-900

    More pics.
  22. dsldriver

    Tattered LoneStar from the future

    Dang, Chuck, I can't see the pics!
  23. dsldriver

    1955 IH RDTC Highbinder

    Beautiful job on this old cherry picker! I like the hinged front fenders, might have to attempt that when I get round to building my High Binder. My Dad drove for PIE when I was a kid.
  24. dsldriver

    International S Series F-2674

    Outstanding build! One of those kits we'd like to see reissued one of these days.
  25. dsldriver

    1935 MACK CH Heating Oil Delivery Truck

    Great job on the build! The Emhar kit was a perfect donor!