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    IH Paystar 4x4

    Both are great and I believe both to be descendants of the Clint Freeman original. Pros of Moluminum: 1. I like Jamie’s resin better. It is easier to get paint to stick. 2. Jamie’s comes with a turbo option and an aluminum style valve cover option 3. Jamie’s parts may be a little cleaner Pros of Gary’s 1. I like his solid 1 piece solid block with separate flywheel housing 2. extremely versatile. Can be built left or right hand blower, or left or right hand exhaust, 4 options total. 2 oil pan options and a couple of exhaust manifold options. (Jamie’s is right hand blower only as was Clint Freeman’s) 3. All of the engines that I have gotten from Gary had directions for those who need them. I have used all 3, and even the much lower quality 6-71 that was once offered by Spaulding Trading and Shipping. Clint Freeman stuff is very hard to find now days. Out of all of them, I just like Gary’s the best, but you won’t be disappointed either way you go. The 6-71 is my favorite engine to put into a model truck.

    IH Paystar 4x4

    Thanks Vince!! The 6-71 is my favorite engine to put in a build. Gary Wallace’s version is the best!

    IH Paystar 4x4

    I saw a former spreader truck on line that had the bed removed. I liked the way it looked, so I built this to represent such a truck. It began with a Paystar logger kit. The tires, front axle and transfer case are Kit Form Services. The engine is a 6-71 Detroit from Gary Wallace.

    Looking for a builder

    I personally wouldn’t be able to do a contract build like this, but you may find someone either here or on the MCM forum that might. This can get very expensive though. The Peterbilt is available in two different kit forms, but depending on how accurate you want to be, the livestock trailer that is available in kit form is a pretty old version. Man hours could get pretty high on something like this as well.

    1975 C65 Chevy Dump

    It was just a single sale. It wasn’t brand new when I bought it. I will try to dig it out of the closet soon. I think it might be a GMC.

    1975 C65 Chevy Dump

    I found it on Ebay. It may be an old P&P cab. RMR still lists one, so it may be from them too. The quality of this one isn’t great, but I think that I will be able to do something with it. I used to help a guy who had a C60 log truck. I’m going to try to make something similar to his truck, one day anyway.

    1975 C65 Chevy Dump

    You really did a great job on this one! Excellent work! I hope to build a similar project except mine will be a log truck and it didn’t have a tilt front. I’m going to cheat and use a resin cab. I don’t know that I would be able to accomplish what you have done here. Looks great!

    IH Paystar 5000 4x4

    Finally back to this one after half of a year.

    To be on the workbench for 2022

    Looks like you guys have plenty to keep you busy. I haven’t touched a model since June. I have had a couple of home projects and still one to finish. I’ve been messing with antique clocks too for some reason, as well as my Chevrolet truck. I’m hoping to finish several in 2022 though. First I have to finish the Paystar. I won’t let myself start another project without finishing one. Second for the year is a CO 4070a Glosson truck. Glosson Motor Lines was a freight hauler here in Lexington for many years. They specialized in hauling furniture. They had over 100 CO 4070a’s and COF 4070a’s. Third I plan to build a CF Freightliner pusher truck. They used these trucks to push rigs over Donner Summit in the snow. I’m not sure about the fourth. I have at least three Carolina Freight projects planned including a DC 100 Autocar, a WT 9000 Ford, and a 4070a with windows in the sleeper. Of course I have to built some type of dump truck this year.
  10. DRIPTROIT 71

    Weathered Autocar

    Very nice!! I like it!! Great work!!
  11. DRIPTROIT 71


    Very nice and clean build!! I like the colors!! Nice work!!
  12. DRIPTROIT 71

    On the Winter workbench

    I can see now! Looks great!
  13. DRIPTROIT 71


    Welcome!! Good looking builds there!
  14. DRIPTROIT 71

    Kenworth W900A CAT 3408

    Here is a picture where you can see the lines attached.
  15. DRIPTROIT 71

    On the Winter workbench

    For some reason, I can’t see the latest pictures.