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  1. Daveb7153

    Back to truck modeling

    Thanks, Brian.
  2. Daveb7153

    Back to truck modeling

    For anyone in the area who's interested, the Mayberry Truck Show in Mt.Airy is next weekend. The show last year was a blast and I have no doubt this year will be even better.
  3. Daveb7153

    Back to truck modeling

    Thanks, Vince. I hope to do some learning and contribute if I can.
  4. Daveb7153

    Back to truck modeling

    Hello folks, my name is Dave Brown. I've been either driving trucks or selling truck parts since getting out of the Marines in 74. I'm currently working for the Pete dealership in Charlotte until I figure out whether I'm ever gonna retire or not. I'll be glad to help with reference material if possible. At present, I'm working on the old Monogram 1/16 scale 359 and have a couple of other projects in the works for some customer friends.
  5. Daveb7153

    1971 C-O 4070a Glosson Motor Lines

    This was back in the day when stick hauling was a big thing, here in the Piedmont. Great job.