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  1. Carrol Jo Bummer

    Mack R-Model Hammill Construction

    Incredible. Is the script on the door a custom decal or did you find it someplace?
  2. Carrol Jo Bummer

    1981 Volvo N-10 Septic Tank Truck

    Looks incredible! I love the little “story” behind all the weathering. Excited to see how it turns out.
  3. Hello again, I come to you master modelers with a question that has been on my mind for years now. We all know a bumper of license plates and a door of fuel decals were a part of the big rig dress code back in the day, but what determined which plates/decals/sleeper script was required for one’s truck? Suppose an owner-operator lived in California, and he operated up and down the West Coast and out to the Rockies. Would he need plates/decals for each state? And was the little “bingo board” used in lieu of license plates for states he didn’t frequent as much?
  4. Carrol Jo Bummer


    Thanks guys, no doubt I’m gonna have a lot of questions for y’all, but you’re definitely the ones to ask.
  5. Carrol Jo Bummer


    Hello friends, I’m a twenty-two-year-old goober from a hick town in Colorado you’ve never heard of. I’ve got pretty limited experience with models, and even less (none) with actual big rigs, but thanks to the movies and music from the ‘60s/‘70s I’ve been hopelessly in love with them since I was a youngster.