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  1. b-lever

    Western Star Log Hauler

    Very nice awesome details
  2. b-lever

    snap kw

    Cool looking truck very nice detail on the paint
  3. b-lever

    Bills sign trucking

    Yup real nice build and a hard truck to score
  4. b-lever

    1955 Mack H-63

    Awesome build very cool
  5. b-lever


    Greetings welcome to the group
  6. Well just got our 2nd move this year done sold our old house of years in April of this year (2016) moved into a Town House... Did not like city living so in August we bought ourselves a new to us place in the country .... So I am just starting a new Model space what I have is in our basement 4 wall and floor and ceiling bare any input for a dream space room size is 10x8 Have tons of storage space outside of the room this will be just the shop... Any ideas please
  7. You are not the only one that goes for other types of modeling
  8. b-lever


    Both set about 20 bucks a piece the 016 have lots that can be used just depends on the spacing of them
  9. b-lever


    AR88016 and AR88009 These both have a good number of different sizes on the sheets
  10. b-lever

    How to: Refer Unit

    Cool(lol) idea thanks for sharing that
  11. b-lever


    http://www.archertransfers.com/SurfaceDetailsMain.html These will work decal with rivit detail
  12. b-lever

    Parts Box Pete

    First off beautiful looking build super clean and fantastic next question what do you mean by Canadian Spread ?? Yes I am new to building trucks and also from Canada ???
  13. b-lever

    My Class Of 2015

    Very cool Models and the music I found relaxing but I am into that stuff... Very interesting model topics and real looking
  14. b-lever

    1985 Kenworth T600 Custom

    Looks awesome gives me some ideas for a future build
  15. b-lever

    Custom Anteater

    This is looking great