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    Here are a few more pics of some of my old trucks.
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    Truckin' Music

    Phantom 309! Bullets In a gun!
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    Ps- I’ll try to retrieve a forward facing pic of my old trucks and post it.
  4. K100


    Thank you- I’m looking forward to it. One cool story I have is the hobby shop from my youth is still in business! The owner is 94 years old doing well. Still passionate about his shop and very knowledgeable. Walking into his store is like a time machine from 1980, everything is in the same spot, lots of RC stuff, models of every type, trains etc.
  5. K100


    Hi all! I’m new to this site but looking forward to connecting and learning new techniques. Built models 40 years ago and now looking to get back to it. Below photos are from my old collection, circa 1980’s. The double sleeper kenworth was a gift I made for my brother back in the 80’s, which he still has. I used 2 kits and welded the sleeper section together to replicate his 80 inch bunk. That model was a replica of his life size truck and I painted it with authentic kenworth paint to match his. Happy almost turkey day!
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    Nov 2021