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  1. Post house fire rehab of original AMT 'California Hauler' Original green glass. Original mail order sleeper box. Rear fenders from MPC Mack kit. greg
  2. Sorry for being AWOL. Here is little conversion from the AMT snap 1950 Chevy pick-up to a vintage telephone truck. decal courtesy of Charlie Rowley Beginning rough out. Kept fenders due being snap kit. Initial paint and mock-up. No, he's not reporting stolen wheels😀 Finished truck greg
  3. GLMFAA1

    WC-52 and fire pump trailer

    I've run out of nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs to describe Charlie's works, Masterpieces. greg
  4. Combined the flat bed from the AMT Ford C cab kit onto the Ford Louisville long frame and added the lift gate from the box van body Reversed the exhaust stacks, cut front axle spindles to get turned wheels, and added unknown other kit front bumper. greg
  5. GLMFAA1

    "EMERGENCY" squad 10

    From the pilot film for the show "EMERGENCY" Johnny Gage is assigned squad 10 which is strictly a rescue unit. He is only interested in rescue work and not the new paramedic program. Convinced by Roy DeSoto he becomes a paramedic and assigned to squad 51. With resin casting donor cab from Charlie Rowley the project is started. Making the 'platter' warning plate. Changed the grille to newer Dodge. Used Aurora 1/32nd ALF pumper rims with AMT Ford star truck tires. Decals courtesy of Charlie Comparison with Jack Webb in front of real truck. Icing on the cake is having Randy Mantooth ( Johnny Gage ) autograph the model. He knew exactly that is was a replica of squad 10.
  6. GLMFAA1

    Hi from Northeast Ohio

    Just found this site, Avid and life long fire apparatus model builder, Sometimes venture off the red scale into other models try to keep in 24 25th scales, but if it interesting then it is acquired. greg