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  1. Mike

    Closed Facebook Account

    After all the recent nonsense with Facebook I decided to close my account along, with many others, and revive this account. Hope other builders do the same. I started here when I first got into the hobby and look forward to seeing future posts.
  2. Mike

    Frame Stretch

    Thanks for posting. Nice and clean.
  3. Mike

    My First Build Peterbilt 359

    WIP of my first build. Had to strip the first paint job off the frame and repaint. Set the rear ends
  4. Trucker, Thank you very much. Great help. The thing that was confusing me is that the shafts that are supposed to extend through the backing plate are to short on the parts that came with the kit. Guess I have to extend them. Thanks agailn.
  5. Need some help. I am not sure of how the air brake actuator gets mounted on both rear axles. Does it get mounted flush against the backing plate?
  6. Mike

    New Member

    Thanks Trucker. Super helpful.
  7. Mike

    New Member

    The assembly of the frame seems a bit tricky Do you use an assembly jig to keep it square?
  8. Mike

    New Member

    Hello all. I am new to truck modeling. My first attempt will be the AMT Peterbuilt 359. Any tips welcome.Will post progress as I go along.