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  1. fubar

    acid tanker

    vince, yeah not sure what im going to do with it, thought of putting external ribs on the barrel and making a catwalk to hide the barrel, who knows lol its on the someday shelf , take care buddy
  2. fubar

    acid tanker

    what started as a good idea , when the first round of covid lock downs came in couldnt go to hobby store was in between builds i had a bunch of transformers from lowboy kits never use i thought id try making a acid tanker , had a vintage shell tanker kit the plastic was to warped to use to build i used as a donor , the scale of the tank barrel is to small looked too out of place hooked behind a truck
  3. fubar

    Ford CL9000

    pretty cool nice build , you did a awesome job on paint
  4. fubar


    thanks guys , really enjoy seeing other peoples talent
  5. fubar

    v-8 r model mack

    built this awhile ago wanted to make a rd-800 from scratch but didnt go as planned so ended up a r model with a v-8
  6. fubar

    alaskan hauler

    got this from a friend last summer, have to repaint hood and side panels
  7. fubar


    hi from saskatchewan canada