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  1. Shawen Worley


    Hey Casey, everything arrived today. The parts look amazing, I will post pics after they are painted and installed. Once again thanks for the top notch products. I will definitely be buying more.
  2. Shawen Worley


    Thanks Casey, I did receive the notification that the products have shipped, thanks once again. When I sent the message out regarding the order status, I sent it through the contact us link at the bottom of the home page. I can’t wait to receive them and get them in the build. I will be doing business with y’all again. This is the rig getting your parts.
  3. Shawen Worley


    I appreciate the reply Casey, I had sent a message thru the site and even sent on to one of the moderators for the page. I truly appreciate y’all’s site and products. My fellow modelers on the truck site said you were the go to guy for accessories. I look forward to receiving the parts, once again thank you. Hopefully they didn’t burn you out with the O/T. Have a good evening.
  4. Shawen Worley


    Morning everyone, I need some help on getting in touch with anyone who can assist on checking status of an order. I placed an order 2 weeks ago, funds were sent, have sent two messages and no reply, no parts. My order history says pending. What is the time frame for receiving parts? Thanks in advance.