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    Chevy C65 or C70

    Thank you very much for your response. What’s amazing is that this truck was one of the most popular and used platforms throughout the 70’s to the early to mid 80’s and no one has made this in a 1/25 scale model. I know that Matchbox made a plow truck 1/64 scale, and Highway 61 made a die cast truck I think it’s a 1/16 scale. I started modifying a 70’s Chevy. Right now, I have only one option and is to scratch build a front grill. The only other option is to buy a 3D printer and learn Fusion 360 which I am in the process of learning the program and I know I will use the 3-D printer quite a bit but then I have to figure out which is the best 3-D printer within my price range that will do what I needed to do without It being high maintenance and user friendly. Anyway this is what I’ve come up with so far. The last truck is the smallest wrecker my uncle had. 79 Chevy and he Reversed the color pattern just for this one wrecker. So if anyone is reading this post and Has knowledge about 3-D printers they can give me I am wide open to suggestions thank you everyone.
  2. Inspecter

    Chevy C65 or C70

    Is there anyone out there that knows about someone making a kit for this truck. When I was growing up my uncle had tow trucks an 2 of them. I am now building replicas of his wreckers. I’m trying to scratch build but I would prefer to just get at least the cab. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.