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  1. Eminox

    1/16 scale Peterbilt 359.

    Hey Paul, the screening on the steps is fine mesh from Halfords ,also used it on the grille , the paint is Toyota, code is 8X2 Nebula blue i had a local motor factors mix it up and supply in aerosol form its 1k metallic base with 1k tinted laquer ! its taking me a while to build as i keep changing things but its good to be back into it after years away.
  2. Eminox

    Hi, newbie from UK !

    Thanks Paul, some cracking builders around the world !
  3. Hey all pictures of my wip big Pete ! out the box to where i'm at now. . . . Was going with blue and black but changed it so looks a little different now will upload more pics . . .
  4. Eminox

    Hi, newbie from UK !

    Hi all, after 40 years of life taking over finally found time to get back into model building ! Currently building the 1/16 scale Pete 359, not an out the box build but custom working truck style, stretched the frame, opened up the doors, lowered front suspension cloth interior etc etc i will upload some progress pics of where i am at now then future pics as and when i get more done. Thanks for having me , take care.