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  1. hi i have started the build of my Mack R685ST and i am having great problems with the rear suspension/axle fitment,when the rear shocks are fitted i cant get all 4 wheels on the ground when the front wheels are fitted i hope that makes sense,has anybody else had this problem   or have i missed something lol 

  2. Mel


    Many thanks for the info Chevy i will have to see what that site has cheers Mel
  3. Mel


    Hi thanks Bully i also need to find a supplier for 1/25 chain as i would like to add some chains /hooks and maybe a bucket to hang on a hook with some coiled rope hanging in the frame behind the cab ,any body know of such a company Cheers Mel
  4. Hi i am about to start the build of a 1/25 logging truck could anyone please tell me where the airlines for the trailer brakes fit onto the truck chassis all the pics i have are very vague about the position of them  cheers  Mel 

  5. Mel


    Hi Dave both kits ordered and looking to get it built ,cheers Mel
  6. Mel


    Yup you got it thats the one i want looks like some conversion work to do or is that how it makes up,i want one please
  7. Mel


    Hi i am new to this site and i am looking to buy a logging truck kit if there is one hopefully someone knows if there is such a thing Cheers Mel
  8. Mel


    Hi i live in Norfolk in the UK i am 72 yrs old and i have been building model for going on 45 yrs,my main interest is 1/12 F1 cars and some older Le Mans cars,i am a marshal in the UK and also at Le Mans thats where the interest comes from.I thought i would try something a little different so i have built a couple of trucks and enjoyed it,i have recently been over to the USA and stayed with friends in Hood River Oregon and on our tours out and about i got the bug again and would now like to model a logging truck and trailer,if anyone knows of such a kit i would love to buy one,i recently came upon this site and thought it is a great way to chat to modelers who like the same things Many thanks Mel