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  1. Bully

    The new guy

    Welcome Keith
  2. Bully

    My next build

    Im not familiar with them but I would like to know more about it Dr. Kerry
  3. Bully

    My kenworth w900 and reefer trailer

    I have been looking into the molotow and gonna try some eventually
  4. Bully

    My kenworth w900 and reefer trailer

    The trailer sure does shine...awesome work
  5. Bully

    My kenworth w900 and reefer trailer

    That's one clean rig...whats the name of the color? The visor and bumper look great
  6. Nice Pops..the truck looks good stretched out and looks sweet hooked onto that trailer...That tanker in back looks good as well
  7. Bully

    Great Dane flatbed

    Cant wait to see the finished build.I have same model on the shelf that I wanted to put with a Pete Im gonna build but after seeing yours and Pops being built the wagon might be built before the truck
  8. Bully

    Peterbilt 378-119

    This is just beautiful...the interior looks real.Awesome work!
  9. Bully

    Freightliner COE Dual Drive

    I understand...took me a long time to complete it between work and daily life so I took my time with it,I think the Mack R model I did before it was a much harder build due to fit issues and made mistakes during the build.Im just enjoying the hobby again
  10. Bully

    Freightliner COE Dual Drive

    Thanks Pops...this is my 3rd build since getting back into it,not show quality but im making fewer mistakes with every build
  11. Bully

    Current trailer build-WIP

    Thanks Pops..I have 2 builds going right now but when I start on the trailer Ill definitely take you up on the offer
  12. Bully

    Current trailer build-WIP

    Nice work...I like what you did with the axles.I have that kit and will do the same when I build it
  13. Bully

    Just arrived here

    Same here my friend Im learning things with every build and having a good time doing it
  14. Bully

    Just arrived here

    Welcome Pops..looking forward to seeing your builds