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  1. What type(s) of glue do you all use, on what and why?
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    Scale Calculator

    For those that may be interested, I whipped up a scale conversion scrip and decimal to fraction table and added them to the main page. Please let me know if you see/get an errors and/or if there are additional features that I can add. --Casey
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    Scale Calculator

    Thank you. I hope folks find it useful.
  4. Casey

    Frame stretch part MTB SP48

    I plan to make those as soon as I get a free moment.
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    Try http://www.modeltruckin.com/store/
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    Frame stretch part MTB SP48

    Thanks! It does makes it much easier.
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    Tom Boerschinger
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    Michael Capasso, Diamond Reo
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    I am finally calling this one done! My Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker in the 'Patriot' paint scheme. I built this 'box stock' and the only details that were added were the extra corner windshield posts, air tanks under the battery box that was filled in and the battery box cover was rounded off. The exhaust mufflers and stand pipes were wrapped in chrome self adhesive duct tape to hide the seams. Colours used were Duplicolour Gloss White and 'Ford Australia' Blaze Blue. Two coats of Gloss clear were applied before applying the kits decals then another 2 coats of gloss clear were applied to the cab to seal them.

    © Anthony Kurr