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Tom Hall

Light duty KW W900 single drive wrecker...

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I like trucks that "work' for a living. Oil field equipment, dump trucks, cement mixers, wreckers, etc. Not dissing on road trucks/semis but I can only build so many KW/Pete road trucks and then I get bored. The field is wide open for the 'working trucks' and scratch building bodies and frames is very enjoyable to me.






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Great job on that. Unique for sure, as far as scale models are concerned. Is the body and fully scratch built or did you use some modified kit parts?

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I built this model entirely from left over parts from my spare parts totes, with a lot of scratch building involved. Even the KW hood and body were left overs from a KW I scrounged for parts for other builds. The wrecker unit itself began life as an Italeri US wrecker kit featuring the Western Star. I modified it to include an extendable boom similar to the real-life Miller Industries Vulcan series of wreckers. The wrecker body itself came from the AMT race car hauler kit with some modifications. 

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