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Johnny M

sectioned 1:64 Wilson flatbed

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Here's a 53 foot Wilson trailer that I'm in the process of making into an old-school steel hauler. That piece you see on top of the trailer is the chunk I cut out of the middle of it.  By my amateur calculations, it's about 13 feet long, so that would bring the trailer down to about 40 feet, a big improvement. I would have liked to make it even shorter, say 36 or 38 feet, but there wasn't a good place to cut the frame to make that happen, so 40 feet it is.

May next job is to make some steel coils for the load. Mr. Dowel has agreed to make the coils, and I already have the chains, but I'm gonna have to make the tarps from scratch. I'll probably try to make them out of foil so the side flaps will drape nicely and then spray paint them and age the color, as I haven't been able to find any store-bought tarps this small.

Anybody have any suggestions for the tarps?



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