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1934 Ford Fuel Delivery truck

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Finally finished this '34 Ford fuel truck after about 4 months. Started with leftovers from an old AMT kit that I had built back in the late '60's which had been lying around for a while. I wanted something different and I like old trucks. I used the hood, cab, engine, interior and running boards from the kit. The fenders are '32 Ford grafted to the '34 running boards to eliminate the fender mounted spare. The entire frame, rear axle, tank and accessories are scratch built. All the tank supports are real wood as well as are  the rear frame risers. The beautiful tires and wheels came from Scenes Unlimited. The tank was formed from 1 1/4 PVC drain tube and then wrapped in .010 styrene sheet because there is virtually no glue that will adhere to PVC! She's not perfect but I think it came out pretty nice. The TEXACO letters are just old stick-on vinyl letters I had around. I wanted to get some period style decals for the cab and cans, but everywhere I look, no-one has any in stock at a reasonable price .I did do some slight weathering to the tank top and bottom and parts of the frame, but I didn't want it to look too shabby. I mounted the spare wheel behind the cab because it interfered with the gate valves; not practicable in real life but doesn't look too bad. I'm considering a  Model AA Ford truck as my next project but haven't pick a body style yet. Enjoy the pics.902683641_truckbottom9.5_22.thumb.jpg.c2b814572520099f04f783572873490b.jpg

4.18.22 Frame 4.jpg

4.18.22 Frame 3.jpg

4.18.22 Frame 7.jpg

4.18.22 Frame 9.jpg

4.18.22 Tank Bottom.jpg

4.18.22 Tank Rear.jpg

4.18.22 Tank Top.jpg

4.18.22 Cans.jpg

4.18.22 Gate Valves 3.jpg

4.18.22 Shelves 2.jpg

4.18.22 Shelves.jpg

4.18.22 Left Side.jpg

4.18.22 Right Side.jpg

4.18.22 Top 2.jpg

truck driver side 9.5.22.jpg

truck passenger side 9.5.22.jpg

truck front 9.5.22.jpg

truck top 9.5.22.jpg

truck back 9.5.22.jpg

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