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1981 Volvo N-10 Septic Tank Truck

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I've had the idea of a septic truck rattling around in my head for a while, and recently decided to take a shot at it.


I paid the princely sum of 20 bucks for this thing. It had some engine assembly done and was missing the steering column and one cab clearance light, but those were easy enough to work around. Not even the diecast chassis parts could scare me off. 



The idea was for a truck that was originally painted white then repainted in green later on in life. To that end, the "factory" white was left visible on the firewall and inside. That green, by the way, was purchased specifically for this project. I bought it just because I liked the color, APWA Safety Green from Ace Hardware. But I found out later that color is used by APWA to denote sewer lines. Perfect! You can also see the beginning stages of the weathering with Valejo rust washes. I also used a spare AMT lens to replace the missing cab light.


Here the firewall doodads have been added. The maple leaf is from AK Interactive. They're 1:35 scale but they'll work in 1:25 too... not like there's a "standard" leaf size, right? Here some weathering powders and AK weathering pencil action has taken place, along with a few washes. 


The headlight bezels have been weathered a bit, and more weathering will come later on- mostly some grime and maybe some chipping. 


I omitted the passenger side seat and filled the void with an extinguisher, tool box, and a hazard reflector. 2mm strips of Bare Metal Foil were used to simulate duct tape on the seat. Vallejo mud cakes the floor, and the entire thing was dirtied up with powders and washes before being sealed with dull coat. Note the white strips on the side panels, again representing the painted metal in white of the truck's "original" finish.

That's it for this time. After a few mockups and seeing where things sit I'll get started on the tank and such. 


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Neat that the choice in paint worked out in more ways than just looking good. Anything similar to a “municipal green” always looks great on an ol’ dirty commercial truck.

It’s very cool that you’re leaving hints of the original factory color. I love it when there’s a visible sense of “history” on the vehicle. Neat project.

Leaves are a great example of “scale fluidity”. There are many 1/35 items, especially diorama-based scenery items that work well in our 1/24-1/25 scale world. 

Great treatment of the interior. I like the fact you deleted the passenger seat.

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