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Gary Chase

My grandfathers 1950 farm truck

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This project started in another direction and things went wrong. I regrouped and this build happened. I grew up in central Illinois on a farm, this is as close as I could get to the picture I had. I learned to drive behind the wheel of that farm truck. I used a semi kit narrowing the axles, using the frame rails and other parts. From the 3100 truck kit I used the cab, interior tub, glass and other parts. Found wheel set from Scenes Unlimited that matched what would have been on the truck. Scratch built the bed and hydraulic system added minor weathering. 










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Perfect color and finish for a hard-working farm truck. Nice detailing on the engine, along with great scratch building for the bed. 

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Very talented! I’m so humbled looking at these builds!  Some of my favorite details here are the rust spots where the door hits the body and where the driver’s arm rubbed the door.   And lastly the “Made in the USA” on your period rims.  🇺🇸

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