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Chariots of Fire

M-715 3/4 ton P/U

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Began this build a few weeks ago.  The basics for it came from the Jeep Honcho kit.  The M-715, is descended from the M-37 that was used in Korea.  But when it was produced with the Tornado OHC 6 cylinder engine it was a poor performer.  It was under powered and did not have good overall performance.  More than one, as surplus equipment was repowered by other engines such as a Chevy V-8.  It had a standard 4 spd transmission.  This is just one example.


Construction started with the Honcho frame, springs and cab.  The top was cut free for the soft top version and the fender wells were reshaped.  A new windshield was made of sheet plastic stock and the cowl was modified to remove the cast in windshield wipers.



The body was very utilitarian.  The interior was taken from a Dodge snap kit and the outside box was built around it.


The engine has been made using a resin cast block and oil pan.  Other parts are just bits of plastic stock.  Fan belt pulleys were turned from aluminum rod.  The fan is made from brass sheet stock and a computer drawn pattern.  The air cleaner is from the Honcho kit.  A strip of electrical tape makes up the fan belt.


Tires and wheels are resin castings.  The original 5 lug pattern was removed and replaced with 6 lugs using wire and fusion beads.  The frame for the top is made of square and round solid brass stock soldered together.  The top is made of two ply facial tissue soaked with 50/50 water and white glue.  The tissue is laid on the frame and the mixture is applied with a brush to let the tissue form itself to the frame.



So this is where we are today.  Still plenty of work  to do.


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Awesome! Love that cab top, incredibly realistic and very convincing. The rotary beacon light on the pole is excellent.

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Done in the motif of a Montana Sheriff's rig.  Top is two ply tissue first painted in 50/50 white glue and water, light tan acrylic and then painted again with some off white.  The beacon on a pole was a feature of the real rig also.  The underside of the truck is still OD color as they didn't go out of their way to do a fancy paint job.  Grill bars and bumper are brass stock.  Here's the back end and a look at the OHC 6 cylinder Hurricane engine.  Tailgate is functional and the pintle hook opens up.


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