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IH Paystar 4x4

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I saw a former spreader truck on line that had the bed removed. I liked the way it looked, so I built this to represent such a truck. It began with a Paystar logger kit. The tires, front axle and transfer case are Kit Form Services. The engine is a 6-71 Detroit from Gary Wallace. 





















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On 1/13/2022 at 9:09 PM, vincen47 said:

Cool! That’s a unique build. Tires look great. Love the weathered chassis, and it’s nice to see a 6-71. 

Thanks Vince!! The 6-71 is my favorite engine to put in a build. Gary Wallace’s version is the best!

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On 1/16/2022 at 10:50 PM, vincen47 said:

I was actually considering getting a 6-71 for a future 4070a build. I was looking at the one from Moluminum. I’ll check out Gary’s one, too. Thanks. 

Both are great and I believe both to be descendants of the Clint Freeman original.

Pros of Moluminum:

1. I like Jamie’s resin better. It is easier to get paint to stick.

2. Jamie’s comes with a turbo option and an aluminum style valve cover option

3. Jamie’s parts may be a little cleaner

Pros of Gary’s 

1. I like his solid 1 piece solid block with separate flywheel housing 

2. extremely versatile. Can be built left or right hand blower, or left or right hand exhaust, 4 options total. 2 oil pan options and a couple of exhaust manifold options. (Jamie’s is right hand blower only as was Clint Freeman’s)

3. All of the engines that I have gotten from Gary had directions for those who need them.

I have used all 3, and even the much lower quality 6-71 that was once offered by Spaulding Trading and Shipping.  Clint Freeman stuff is very hard to find now days. Out of all of them, I just like Gary’s the best, but you won’t be disappointed either way you go. The 6-71 is my favorite engine to put into a model truck.

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I really appreciate the detailed review of the 6-71 options. I don’t have as much experience with GW’s resin, but from what I have, I agree that it’s a little more “slick” than Jamie’s resin. Both are quality, but also I agree there seems to be a little less cleanup with Jamie’s parts. 

For the build I have planned, an early 70’s 4070a, I’m not sure what options IH used specifically on the 6-71 for the Transtar cabovers. Right/left blower, exhaust, etc. I’m not sure if the aluminum valve cover was available yet or not, though I don’t believe the turbo was available on the 4070a, at least not yet, in the very early 70’s. Any info you have on IH’s use of the 6-71 would be appreciated. The brochure that came with the 4070a kit (really cool they included it) has two horsepower ratings (218 and 238) based, I think, on the injectors you opt for. The more I learn about them, the more interesting it is. 

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