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To be on the workbench for 2022

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Hello all hope everyone is doing great. These will be on my workbench for 2022:

Mack DM600- I'm hung up on the most basic question I have on the build itself. Do I go with the DM series and make it a construction tractor? Or do I go with a fleet unit (Roadway, or similar). If I'm rivet counting it's the DM. However I don't generally count rivets. However winter being as it may here in NJ it may afford me to change my mind a few hundred times.

Chevy Titan 90- Truth be told the Titan 90 is one of my favorite tractors from my younger days. Also I liked it better than it's more popular cousin the Astro 95. This will be a parts box build and destined to be more than likely a full year build. Estimated completion date is December 2022, January 2023.

Ford LNT8000- Once again one of my favorite tractors from my teen years. Loved the stubby nose, and it was a very popular tractor for the grocery/freight haulers where I grew up in Long Island NY. I have been building this on, and off for about 2 years now. About time I finished her off.

Peterbilt 359 (Revell USA)- destined to be another year long project. The top 3 will take precedence in building order.

Kenworth W900 (Revell USA)- See commentary on the Pete 359. Same situation.

Happy New Year all. And if anybody cares to share their thoughts, I'm all ears.


Jersee Jerry

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A great idea for a thread. The five projects you listed will keep you busy, for sure. They sound like solid plans.

I’d side with the DM, being you’ve already got a nice fleet type of tractor in the works with the LNT8000. Whenever I can’t decide, I often think about variety to keep it more interesting.

I too, like the Chevy, because you don’t see as many of these as the GMC’s. CTM makes a wide grille for it, that I’m planning to use someday when I build one.

Speaking of someday, my workbench plan for 2022 includes two truck projects at this time (I don’t build quickly, and I’ve got a car project and a model railroad layout build going on as well, keeping my free time busy) :

Peterbilt 379 RV - Still on the bench, but making more progress now. The engine was completed last fall, and this fall I started the chassis. The scratch-built frame rails and air ride steer axle look good. I’ll create a WIP thread when the chassis is complete, been taking photos as I’ve been working on it. 

International Transtar II: I hope to get this one started shortly. It’s a partially complete 4070b kit I got for a cheaper price (Man, do they go for big bucks). I picked up an excellent new edition 4070a to use for all of the parts in common with the 4070b, which will be the majority of the kit. Plan is to build a restored, mild, working show truck with a little bit of extra bling, but not overdone.

In other hobby news, I’m about to finish building a paint booth. Finally. Yes, I will now have a proper place to paint year-round. Starting with a scratch & dent clearance range hood, I built a large and sturdy wall-mounted frame and boxed it in. It’s vented out the basement window with removable ductwork, complete with the hood’s factory built-in filters and lighting. It creates a strong draft, it should work well. I plan to give it a try today.

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Thanks. Yes I agree with your points. Your projects sound great and I like the idea for your spray booth. I don't have a basement or I would be doing something similar. For me it's always going to be wait for fresh air, low humidity. my table, and rattle cans. Although I have an airbrush someone gave me 4 or 5 years ago I am content to go with the known, vs. the unknown.

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Looks like you guys have plenty to keep you busy. I haven’t touched a model since June. I have had a couple of home projects and still one to finish. I’ve been messing with antique clocks too for some reason, as well as my Chevrolet truck. I’m hoping to finish several in 2022 though. 
First I have to finish the Paystar. I won’t let myself start another project without finishing one.

Second for the year is a CO 4070a Glosson truck. Glosson Motor Lines was a freight hauler here in Lexington for many years. They specialized in hauling furniture. They had over 100 CO 4070a’s and COF 4070a’s. 

Third I plan to build a CF Freightliner pusher truck. They used these trucks to push rigs over Donner Summit in the snow.

 I’m not sure about the fourth. I have at least three Carolina Freight projects planned including a DC 100 Autocar, a WT 9000 Ford, and a 4070a with windows in the sleeper.

Of course I have to built some type of dump truck this year.

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