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Finish and gloss


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Simple answer: practice 

Everyone has different methods of painting, find what works best for you, and that takes trial and error.

 I am definitely not the greatest painter, but I personally like lacquer and usually use spray cans. I build a lot of resin so I like to use self etching primer as well. I usually sand the primer with 600 or finer sandpaper. Your paint will only be as slick as your primer. Make sure that you have a clean surface with blemishes removed before primer. Make sure to apply primer and paint in light coats. The actual spraying takes practice to get the feel of it. I usually do not go for high gloss paint jobs myself, but when I have, I used Testor high gloss clear. Once the clear is good and dry, do not recoat unless you sand the clear first. You can also finish with a polish job with ultra fine sandpapers and polish. 
Like I said, there are many methods, get some cheap kits if you can to practice on and go for it. Even the best builders have paint mishaps, so don’t worry if you do.

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