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Peterbilt 379-119 Heavy Hauler DC Trucking

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A great source for inspiration is the site truckpaper.com. Some years back I found this Peterbilt 378 listed there. I started out building along these lines, although mine became a Peterbilt 379-119. Scratchbuilt headache rack, battery box, daycab panel and rear fenders. Tanks from a Revell of Germany Peterbilt 359, robbed some other parts from other kits here and there. The frame used came from a kit I bought on Ebay, already partly assembled and warped as, well, you know. Tried to correct it, but it still shows. The cab panels are still the original from the kit, but I put in a '05 and up dash from P&P Vintage kits, thus making it an '05 model.
Made outside pics of this truck here recently.

Red & Cream - 01.jpg

Red & Cream - 02.jpg

Red & Cream - 04.jpg

Red & Cream - 05.jpg







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Thanks! I had a great time building this one; the headache rack took me a little to figure out, but I'm pretty pleased with the result myself.

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