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Can you help identify this truck?

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This bad boy is all metal and put together with screws, bolts and nuts.  It is nearly 40" long.  Great shape.  No markings on the model to indicate who made this.  Hoping someone out there can give me some info.   Only number etched on the back of the truck is "003890".  It is a Freightliner. 


Thanks for looking,












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Neat truck. I’m not familiar with large scale, but the screws reminded me of the big RC truck kits.

I was thinking it could be a custom version of a 1/14 scale RC Tamiya truck (I can only dream of diving into that hobby -$$$$$), but looking at the tires, I could make out “Wedico”.

A quick google search yielded a line of 1/16 scale Wedico RC trucks, including the Freightliner you have there.

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