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Stainless Steel


I am going to be building a wood model for my Son-In-Law that is based on his Tailgating rig.  It will consist of a pickup truck pulling a trailer that has a commercial smoker mounted to the trailer.  The actual smoker is built out of stainless steel and I would like to reproduce that look as accurately as possible.  Everything else will be airbrushed to match the colors.

Any ideas of the best way to proceed??   If I found something thin enough, I could attach it to a wood structure ..... I would really like to stay away from painting it to look like SS if at all possible.... unless there is some really assume looking color to match SS that I’m not aware of. 

Thank you for any assistance you might offer!

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If you’re trying to stay away from painting, I’d consider using very thin aluminum sheet. When highly polished, it could give you the look of stainless, but much easier to work with than stainless steel sheet. It can be found in most hobby stores and online. K&S is a popular brand of hobby metals. On the cheap, depending on the size of the scale smoker, aluminum from a soda can might work, the inside without artwork. But I have seen plain cans without logos, as well.

if the surface was smooth enough, you could also look into Bare Metal Foil, a self-adhesive material made of real metal. BMF comes in several varieties, and it could be what you need. The “chrome” could pass for polished stainless steel. It’s not super-bright, gleaming chrome.

If you don’t find a suitable material, and you’re airbrushing, Molotow chrome (refills) can be airbrushed and it looks great. It needs to fully cure and be clear coated. Though it says “chrome”, the product, when clear coated, more mimics the look of polished aluminum or stainless steel, than a “toy-like” chrome. Alsa Corp also makes an airbrush-ready system that looks great. But, both of these are probably more expensive and tricky than BMF or aluminum sheet.

Hope this helps.

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