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Mark 1

We're all grown up kids. So who got what models for Christmas? Santa brought the Mack that I had asked for.

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Nice to see you got the Mack. I picked that kit up a while back, but haven’t started it yet. I’m thinking a beat-up old roll-off truck would be a good plan for the one I have.

I didn’t get any hobby items, nor have I ever received much in the way of hobby items as gifts. That’s ok, I never ask for any hobby items, and I get plenty of other useful things, I can’t complain. One related item was an excellent book called Peterbilt - The Evolution of Class by Warren Johnson. Great history and model info up to about the year 2000.

My tastes have always been very specific in regards to kits, and it would be difficult for my family to locate stuff that’s not say, on the shelf at Hobby Lobby. Besides, I wouldn’t want them to pay more than they should (though in regards to Hobby Lobby, 40% off isn’t bad). A gift certificate to Model Cave or Moluminum would be good, but they wouldn’t want to just give a gift certificate for Christmas.

My wife mentioned that I should make a list of stuff I like on Amazon (she did, and I must admit, it made shopping for her very easy this year). I’m reluctant to put hobby stuff on there, and though I haven’t really looked on Amazon for hobby stuff, I’m thinking the prices probably wouldn’t be great, would they?

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