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Ford Aeromax 120 RV Conversion and Custom Galaxie Enclosed Trailer

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Here’s a scratch built RV Conversion on an Italeri Aeromax Chassis, along with a customized 27’ Enclosed Car Hauler, for a weekend warrior that goes to the track in style. 


The whole project was an enjoyable building experience, and my first major scratch building endeavor. 14E88B81-F536-4A18-BB0A-ED5D2DB9D4CD.thumb.jpeg.8769c47ffa30ecd28c006b01c0ad291a.jpegD88D7F1A-231C-4F76-8586-02D36593D5BF.thumb.jpeg.73f6705211f6d6c047737e095f0db3d4.jpeg

The RV body is curbside, though it does have window shades.80A71B81-DDBF-4344-8004-28CD47C517D6.thumb.jpeg.1984c43339e796a81f00a3cd467d56f1.jpeg2112C945-1D2F-4A42-B352-EA17588973F8.thumb.jpeg.aadfa01a46b7e05b85f2ccfb296ae515.jpegC913650E-2955-40E9-8E56-6D434E46DAF0.thumb.jpeg.14f95143f8c5a9a79de8c28ef39684d9.jpeg67807D7B-3303-43A3-B63C-1A031B41371C.thumb.jpeg.f0958a5d063d303ef839c74e3bdbc21a.jpeg4FD9981F-D476-4D4F-8481-7CC306B199D9.thumb.jpeg.a91363826449a7c3b2f6e248d63b78aa.jpeg31DC7E4A-0923-4528-A144-C76C9674A076.thumb.jpeg.a7f667aa1bebe0b52a2edd5e45902d54.jpegA97D6EE4-6423-40E9-84D5-D2156504CDEA.thumb.jpeg.027487139e379cfa0a770e16cdaa54e4.jpeg

Power is a Italeri Detroit Series 60, from a Pete 378 kit. The trailer is detailed on the inside, ready to haul the latest money pit to the track.


There’s a lot of aftermarket parts and materials along with scratch built items. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Thanks for looking!

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3 hours ago, Chariots of Fire said:

Extraordinary build!  Wonderful work.  Question:  How did you do the tie down straps for the car in the trailer?  Buckles are super!

Glad you like it. The tie-downs were one of the most tedious parts of the build, but they are cool. But, I can’t take full credit for those, they are from Czech Truck Model.

CTM offers them in orange and yellow, and the photo etched ratchet goes together well, except the tiny styrene rods for the ratchet crossmembers supplied are too large to fit through the side holes, but you could just cut them to width and glue. I instead used smaller diameter rod and fit them through the holes. Minor issue. The strap material is easily wrapped around the parts and secured in place with a bit of CA. 

I placed tiny magnets on the ends and hidden underneath the car to make them removable to switch out the load in case I’m ever not in a Plymouth kind of mood.

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On 1/12/2021 at 5:16 PM, Keith Dunn said:

How did you make the framework for the camper on the back of the truck? By the way fantastic build!  

Thanks! The outside curved corner frame itself was 3D printed. I got it from a guy on eBay that was making them for big custom sleepers. I asked if he could make one much longer. He is still active, but he hasn’t listed those frames in a long time. The rest of the framework, along with the floor, sides, roof, etc, was scratch built.

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