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MACK from waay back

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I started this in 1980... really i did, but then lost everything except for the engine, cab, hood, sleeper and completed interior.  All of this was painted in 1980 and except for the cab roof is original paint. Bare metal foil was done in 1980 and has survived in pristine condition !  These parts were literally sealed in Tupperware until last summer.  As luck would have it AMT re-released the R model so I have used it to complete this model.  Soo many adjustments in this kit. I have added so many details that it has become maddening lol-but I think worth it in the end. Completed pics will follow upon completion.  This is to represent a working truck so subtle weathering will be found throughout. 

from phone  jan 2020 587.JPG

from phone  jan 2020 588.JPG

from phone  jan 2020 589.JPG

from phone  jan 2020 590.JPG

new 002.JPG

new 003.JPG

Edited by NAVY
Added some new pics of details I made. Model is finished and those pics are to follow.

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