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I have been following the site for about a year now and just joined in order to show my trucks and comment on all the good builds i see. 

I have building seen 1975 and just recently started back after about a near twenty year hiatus. So nice to see someone is finally putting out a truck model magazine, thank you Lee Hartman. As a kid that was only a dream but we did have many good contributors to a truck model column in Scale Auto Enthusiasts magazine.

 I am so glad to see a lot of folks casting all types of parts for the hobby.   Back in the day we only had a few guys doing it and they are not any more, luckily some their masters live on at AITM and GW resin to name a few. Some of the stuff is lost forever like Clint Freeman's items.  After my time in the Navy, first Gulf war, I drove tankers for about 13 years and transitioned into a new career around 2010.  So many of the builds I see here motivate me to be a better modeler- so to that I thank you all. 

And yes I am subscribe to the school of thought...Build the classic plastic !! 

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