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Autocar DC9964B with 47yr old Dump Bed

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This is a old AMT Autocar DC I’ve had for about 16yrs always undecided what till make till last winter. I decided to make it a Dump truck. I took my brother Bill’s old bed he gave me back around 1986 and re-do it. Bill bought a new AMT Autocar Dump Truck when it first came out in 1972. He painted the neighbors fence to buy it of course I helped I was 3yrs old. The cab shied and front was bad so I replaced it with a Ertl one I had. Here’s some pics of the bed and truck in progress. 









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Paul. thanks I love those east coast paint schemes 

Dave. thanks for the compliment. yes it does have some History I have also had the truck since 2003. I'll be glad to finish this one  

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