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LAFD Heavy Wrecker; Peterbilt edition

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Somewhere I picked up the Italeri LAFD Heavy Wrecker kit. I wasn't too hyped about it, because I have seen pics of the real truck and it's not a WS but a Pete. Anyway, the kit was dirt cheap so I decided to get it. 
I (still) have tons of Italeri Peterbilt kits in stock, and started with the assembly of a 377 model. I built a daycab panel from styrene, and used tanks from a Revell of Germany kit (slightly cut down); no battery box, they can also fit under the passenger seat, right?

The wrecker body (I think it's called a Bro) I assembled and painted next. Also I scratchbuilt a tool cabinet. When I did the final assembly, I found out the Italerians designed this kit with two separate frames; one for the truck and one for the wrecker body. If you don't adapt either, the body will sit too high, as you can see in one of the pics. Nice…o.O
I cut out the frame from the wrecker body to make it sit better. This also meant I had to adjust the tool cabinet. The final result from this operation is that the white stripe over the side looks a little bit misaligned...

LAFD Pee 377 Heavy Wrecker.jpg









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I still cannot view the pictures on this Wrecker it showed the number of photos but won’t open is it just me or have they been taken off  thank u

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Thank u CaseyI seen a picture of a Rotator wrecker on here but couldn’t get back to it have u seen it I thought it said something about u but I just seen it and it went away I’m trying to find out where to get a kit for one in 124-125scale 

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